Campus TV (CTV) is our in-house student video production unit that conceptualises and produces original video content, with the aim of

informing and entertaining the SMU community.


Our CTV members undergo basic video production training conducted by industry professionals Walter Wu (CEO of WWProductions) and Melvyn Goh (Executive Producer of Captivate Productions), and are proficient in storyboarding, directing, shooting and editing quality videos.


From freshmen video guides to corporate videos and even event coverage highlights, CTV ensures that every video is impeccably produced. We capture key highlights and bring your stories to life in creative and imaginative ways.

Head over to our YouTube channel to enjoy all of CTV’s past work, or click here to find out what CTV can do to realise your video aspirations!

Our Latest VIDEOS

Head over to our YouTube channel to enjoy all of CTV’s past work!

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Require Our Services?

We provide the following list of services:

1. Hosting

2. Sound Support

3. Video Production

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Email us at and we will get back to you in 3 working days!