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Common event locations within SMU have been included. If your event is happening outside of these locations, kindly indicate it under 'Others'. Kindly note that SMUBE currently only provides sound support services for events happening on SMU grounds.

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Do you have a preferred music playlist for our usage? Otherwise, SMUBE will be using our standard playlist of pop songs.

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If you are of the following list of organisations

  • SMU ACF Clubs

  • SMU Non-ACF Clubs, SMUSA Clubs

  • SMU Student Constituent Bodies

  • SMU Local CSP Events / C4SR

  • SMU Corporate Offices

  • SMU Special Events (SMU Academic Year Opening Ceremony, SMU Arts Festival Opening, SMU Commencement, SMU Patron's Day)

SMU Client

Kindly indicate your Cost Centre Code for us to initiate the Inter-department Charge.

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Check your rates at the SMUBE Allowance Card here

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