BE-Xposé is our highly anticipated initiation event which provides a glimpse into the workings of SMU Broadcast & Entertainment (SMUBE).


Participate in exciting activities that showcase a snippet of life in SMUBE.

Xperience what it is like to:

Host as an Emcee in the Artiste Management Team (AMT)

Produce a podcast as a part of Campus Radio (CR)

Shoot a short film with Campus TV (CTV)

Manage a live event with Events & Backstage (E&B)

Apply marketing tools and public relations strategies with Marketing & PR

Learn new skills, have fun, and most importantly, get an exclusive look inside one of the biggest Student Clubs in SMU.

This year, “BE READY!” for the upcoming school year through our exciting workshops that will provide you with tips and tricks on how to ace your presentations and assignments. Let our members show you how skills learnt as an SMUBE member can be adapted to our schooling and day-to-day lives.


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