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Organised by SMUBE, Voice Personality Hunt (VPH) is SMU's only hosting competition in SMU held annually for all SMU students to participate.

Embracing a new era of hosting, VPH 2022 would be hosted as a hybrid event through both online and physical segments. As a host, it is important for them to embrace their uniqueness and individuality in order for their personality to shine.


Through this year's VPH journey, contestants will find the voice that resonates with their souls.

In finding their distinctive hosting style, they'll develop the skills to allow them to reflect it in their emceeing, empowering them to cohesively Resonate with their speaking material and audience.

Voice Personality Hunt 2022 is

Now Ongoing

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VPH 2021 Recap


I personally joined Voice Personality Hunt on the last day possible because I was terrified. Well, looking back now, I’m really glad I took that leap of faith because VPH was like a gateway to an amazing experience. I learned so much more about hosting, made amazing friends and got to become a part of SMUBE.

Melissa Yow

Winner of Voice Personality Hunt 2019

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