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A reputable event management wing, our Events & Backstage (E&B) is the only student team to provide event technical support services in SMU.

E&B is a key pillar of support in the events scene in SMU, having assisted in more than 100 events, ranging from art performances, sports carnivals, and educational symposiums. Some of the recurring events that we support include SMU Patron’s Day, SMU Open House, SMU Academic Year Opening Ceremony and SMU Arts Festival. 


The club's E&B members are well-versed in audio reinforcement and stage management. Extensive training is provided by Gillian Ong (Stage Management), Bruno Goh Luse (Founder of GLB Productions), as well as Reuben Ong (Founder of Reuben Ong Productions).


Sit back, relax, and take in all the lights and sounds of your next event. Leave all your backstage woes to us by engaging SMUBE Events & Backstage today!  

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