Campus Radio (CR) is our student-run podcast production unit at SMU

that focuses on keeping students up-to-date through their various

segments on community service, local music and events happenings

posted on our YouTube channel.


Watch as CR covers community projects by taking you Around the World in 80 Hours, goes behind the scenes with aspiring musicians to show you Music in the Making, highlight Special Events like Valentine’s Day, and feel the heartbeat of our campus with SMUAlive!

From interviewing celebrated artistes like Tabitha Nauser, to sharing heartfelt stories from local entrepreneurs such as Karl Mak, our Radio Jockeys will no doubt captivate anyone listening in to our video podcasts!

Interested in finding out more about what CR has to say? Check out our YouTube channel here!


Our Latest Podcasts

Around The World In 80 Hours (AT80)

Fancy going around the world in 80 hours? Tune in to AT80, as Campus Radio brings you on a journey to understand what goes behind the scenes of community projects here in SMU through first-hand accounts!


AT80 is a pillar that is dedicated to interviewing members from the different Community Service Programmes (CSPs) and Overseas Community Services Programmes (OCSPs). These interviews cover their members' journeys, their passion, and why their project means so much to them as their community service takes them around the world.

Music In The Making (MITM)

Want to catch the next Sam Willows? Or Nathan Hartono?
Music In The Making brings you musically talented artists hoping to make their mark in our local music scene. Through interviews with these local artists, we hope to provide insight into their passion and drive for music. Tune in to learn more about these talented musicians and the behind the scenes of their music-making process as we invite them to jam in our studio.


Watch SMU come alive with SMU ALive! In this pillar, we invite the organisers of some of SMU’s largest events to share their insights and shed some light on activities not to be missed during the event itself. Find out more about the purpose behind each event and be inspired to be a part of each event. Simply looking to understand what each is all about? SMU ALive has got you covered.


On the lookout for new things to do or celebrate? Our new pillar is all about the various quirky and unique events that even you did not know existed in your calendar. We bring you fun and light-hearted segments that you can listen to on the go to brighten your day! 

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