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Prepare to keep informed and engaged with SMUBE's dynamic Campus Radio (CR) wing through regular podcasts covering a wide range of topics like ongoing community service initiatives, exciting local music events, and unique activities that captivate our audience. You can catch all the action on our vibrant YouTube channel!  


Join the radio jockeys for People In The Making (PITM) as they profile notable individuals in society with unique talents and inspiring accomplishments. Need to know the ins-and-outs of student life? Catch us on What's Up SMU! – a series dedicated to hearing the voices that make up the SMU student body and their thoughts on trending topics. Finally, inject your week with some fun conversations on the wing's livestream series: SMU Alive!  


Stay connected, stay entertained, and discover the world of SMUBE Campus Radio! 

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People In The Making (PITM)

What's Up SMU!

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