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Am I able to loan/rent filming equipment from the club?

SMUBE does not offer equipment rental services.

How far in advance should I contact the club before the production date for their services?

SMUBE encourages clients to submit booking request 8 weeks before the event.

Does CTV provide teleprompter services for interviews?  

Yes, we do provide teleprompter on request during filming of long interviews or speeches. 

Scripts must be sent one week before the filming date.  

How many drafts come with our video editing services?

Video editing charges are inclusive for 2 drafts only. Additional drafts thereafter will be chargeable. Please refer to our rate card for more details.

How is the incorporation of stock footages charged?

Royalty fee needed for the purchase of stock footages will be charged accordingly. Additional editing time will be charge for the sourcing of the footages regardless of the type of footages i.e. free or paid. The quantity of stock footage required will determine the editing time and the subsequent charge(s).


How long will I need to wait for the deliverables to be edited?

Editing time will depend on the project scope and requisites but minimally a month for the editing and vetting process.

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