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SMUBE (es-em-u-bee-ee, not smoobee!) is the only all-encompassing broadcast media and entertainment club in SMU that provides event/entertainment support through various services such as hosting, podcast production, video production and backstage support!

How do I book SMUBE's services?

You can request for any of SMUBE's services (by CTV, AMT, CR or E&B) through this website by using the "Request@SMUBE" tab on the right.

​How much do SMUBE's services cost?

Please refer to the rate card under "Request@SMUBE" on this website for the different services available for hire.

What is the cancellation policy for our services?

Late cancellation fees will be applied for all our services, please refer to our rate card for more information.

Can I rent SMUBE's equipment for my event?

SMUBE does not offer equipment rental services.

How far in advance do service requests need to be put in?

SMUBE encourages clients to submit booking request 8 weeks before the event.

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